What are The Foods to Avoid in Summer

Summer days are near and we all are concerned about the struggle of the hot sweating hours. While summer can be loved for the reason of mangos and the beach vacations, but there are certainly a long list for not loving it. Sweat, rashes, tanned skin, sun burn, oily skin, dehydration, tiredness, the burning sun- take full advantages to harass us! But of course, when there is a problem, there is a solution too. There are few basic things, practicing which we can get relief from the common summer problems. A good summer friendly food habit is a must among these. If we know the foods to avoid in summer and stick to a proper summer diet, it becomes easier for us to deal with the burning hot days.

What are the foods to avoid in summer?

Fried food: Not only in summer but fried foods are anyway should be avoided. When food is fried in oil, it absorbs the fat in oil making it rich in fat and calories. Excessive consumption of such food can gain your weight, cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Spicy food: Moderate amount of spices that we use in curries and other dishes are good for health but if more spicy food is consumed in summer, it may cause harm as it rises body temperature. Especially the spice mixes and readymade powders of spices, chili powder available in market should be avoided as there is no guarantee of purity. However spices that we traditionally use in our kitchens like coriander, cardamom, cumin, ajwain etc. can be used in moderate quantity.

Fast food: Fast food is easy, tasty and a quick solution to your hunger. But it is something that doesn’t really supply any nutrition to our body. Rather daily consumption of fast food increases stomach problems and promotes many health issues. In summer our body needs more watery food as our body water goes out in sweating. Hence fast food certainly tops the list of food to avoid in summer.

Bottled cocktails: Homemade juices with real pulp and no added preservative is a very good thing to have in summer. Bottled cocktails, cold drinks available in the market generally contain added color, preservative and artificial substances and sweeteners. These are not good for health. In summer it can give you temporary relief by feeding your thirst but may cause health issues like blood sugar increase, cough and cold, fever etc.

Is sugar free really good?

Is sugar free good or bad- well, it is both. Sugar free is low in calories, hence ideal for people who want to lose weight or have some specific fitness goals. But it is again an artificial sweetener and not really good for health if consumed in large quantities. Instead of the artificial sweeteners, Stevia can be a good replacement as it is made out of natural Stevia leaves.

Foods to have in summer

Keep hydrated: How many glasses of water per day? That’s a common question and answer to this is indeed important which everyone should know and follow. Generally it is advised to have 8-10 glasses of water a day. In the sweating summer days we should pay much attention in having plenty of water to keep our body hydrated. That will too help us in feeling fresh and keeping our body cool.

best summer diet

Seasonal fruits and veggies: The best summer diet can’t be possible without seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal fruits and vegetables have to have in your meal no matter what. If a particular fruit or veggie is grown by nature (God) in a particular period of time, there has to be a reason and we everyone should appreciate that! But yes, there might be some restrictions in special cases, for example diabetic patients should be careful in eating mangos though it is a summer season fruit as sugar content in mangos are high.

Coconut water: And here comes my favorite! Coconut water is just not coconut water, it is magic of nature inside the coconut! Full of nutrients and antioxidants, coconut water is good for so many reasons. A super healthy substitute for the market available cold drinks and a bliss for your health in the summer seasons. If someone is looking for summer food for weight loss, this is something one must consider.

Yogurt: Yogurt contains probiotics. This helps in our digestion. It keeps the tummy cool and can make a balance with your high calorific diet.

Salmon: Yes, you read it right. Salmon is good even to be added in your summer diet. It is rich in Omega3 and a good source of protein. Craving for burger or pizza, try some nicely grilled salmon instead. You will feel better!

Okay, let’s make it simple- more natural colors to your meal, plenty of water, light exercises and good sleep. That’s enough to keep your body fit if you are consistent. Don’t be scared of summer. Be cool, eat nicely!

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