How Software Development Transforming The Healthcare Industry

Advances in technology are exposing us to a new era of healthcare and because of the increasing demand for it, heavy investments have been are pouring in and players in the industry are keen to outsource healthcare software development. It is changing peoples’ perception of how & where medical decisions are made. Today, treatment is rendered via an amalgamation of innovative wearable health monitors such as Apple Watch, FitBit, and Google Gear, tele medicine, and even home diagnosis. Healthcare professionals are starting to realize the benefits of custom healthcare applications and treating patients remotely and the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly played the role of the catalyst.

Why Outsource Healthcare Software Development?

According to statistics, in 2014, venture capital investment of $2.4 billion was raised for the healthcare IT sector, and between 2011 and 2014 $2 billion worth of capital was raised for companies investing in predictive analytics. By 2026, the tele health market is expected to cross $185.6 billion and the mobile health market is expected to claim $189 billion by 2025.

The increasing interest in custom healthcare software development Health is making improving the quality of healthcare services through timely administration of treatment at home. Thus drastically reducing costs for both the patients and the medical services.

What are some Benefits of Health Technology?

An alternative to the traditional hospital checkups is peoples’ inclination towards using smart wearables to monitor a variety of health-related readings like heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, etc. They can directly compare those readings to benchmarks and decide whether to consult a doctor or not. Others can instead turn to health social networks to share the findings from the smart devices, consult a doctor online, or even seek emotional support in case of any mental health issue.

The fact that there are over 3 billion smartphone users globally also makes this sector highly investible and this also means healthcare can be made available to more people. Patients may be able to use on-demand mobile apps to detect health issues arising from self-medication & bad health practices to make informed decisions and use healthy alternatives instead.

For a detailed diagnosis, patients can use home kits or personalized genomic services, blood testing, environmental testing, and even predictive bio-simulation. When you outsource custom healthcare software development company to improve your healthcare technology, you can make patients’ lives so much better. Here are some more benefits of custom healthcare solutions:

  • Numerous choices may arise for patients choosing mobile health that redirect them away from the hospital and save valuable time & costs.
  • Retail outlets and clinics in nearby city centers can collect patients’ reading and tests conducted at home, review them, provide medicine, or refer them to a specialist if required.
  • Virtual Health Assistants (VHAs), ChatBots, and online doctors are also available 24/7 to answer any queries via video call, email, or mobile phones from anywhere in the world.
  • Telemedicine saves patients over 100 minutes compared to a physical check-up at a hospital.
  • Health tech has opened doors to new & untapped populations. Since the Coronavirus chaos, HIPPA rules have been amended to let doctors & physicians interact with patients online and provide treatment. Thus giving healthcare givers a chance to polish their skills and grow.

During the first wave COVID-19 pandemic, over 70% of patients opted for some kind of telemedicine software. Another study shows that in 2020, startups in the healthcare software development industry accumulated over $17.8 billion globally, and those in Canada raked in a decent $300 million, doubling the amount raised in 2019. The industry has seen massive growth in the past few years. Among some of them is conceptions related to advances in healthcare is the idea that technology will take over the jobs of healthcare professionals. Some reasons contributing to this mindset include the industry’s interest in outsourcing healthcare software development and more & more people downloading healthcare mobile apps to resolve health issues.

The truth, however, is that healthcare givers will and always be at the forefront of all medical treatments and we witnessed the important role they are playing during the Coronavirus pandemic. What we need is a dynamic & technology-driven doctor-patient bond and a revised understanding of the role healthcare organizations should play in adding value to peoples’ lives.


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