Seven Sister States- The Beauty Unexplored

Is it safe to visit northeast India? – a commonly heard question. While you may get reasons not to visit Northeast India (some less valid ones) there are thousand more for why you should definitely visit the seven sister states and catch a whole new experience of travelling. The beautiful green hills, national parks, historical monuments, temples, world’s biggest river island, the Brahmaputra, colorful culture, beautiful attire, handicrafts, cuisine full of tasty dishes, love of the local people- tour to the wonderful northeast never goes waste.

There is no ending for places to visit in northeast India. While most people know the region for Shakti Pith Kamakhya in Assam or the Scotland of the east- Shillong, Meghalaya, there are still many more places to visit in the beautiful northeast India- some discovered, some yet to explore!

Seven sisters of Northeast India

Do you know why north eastern states of India are called seven sisters? Because, they are connected to one another geographically and are interdependent in various aspects. Seven sister states are connected to India through Siliguri corridor and that is the sole way to reach NE India from rest of the country.

Now here come the North East Indian states-

  1. Arunachal Pradesh- Arunachal is the largest among the NE Indian states. Beautiful natural views, snow covered hills, curvy roads, birds and animals, orchids, pleasant weather and what not. The fresh air of Arunachal has all the secrets to calm your mind and make your trip a memorable one. The largest monastery of India, the Bomdila monastery in Tawang is a must visit place in Arunachal Pradesh. Also, the Ziro music festival of Arunachal held in the month of September-November is something not to be missed.
  2. Assam- Being an Indian, the first thing we love to have in the morning is tea. Don’t you want to know from where this amazing hot drink got into your cup? Well, when it comes to Assam, the first thing that comes in mind is the Assam tea. Assam is the largest tea growing region in India and has a global market. Filled with beautiful tea gardens Assam carries its own legacy of being one of the biggest tea growers in the world. Visit to these beautiful tea gardens are a must when you are in Assam. The biggest river island in the world-Majuli, the shakti pith Kamakhya, the Molai forest by the forest man of India, the Satras, Kaziranga national park, Manas national park, monuments of Ahom dynasty in Sivsagar- the list of places to visit in Assam goes on and on.

    one horn rhino Assam
    The famous one horn rhino of Kaziranga National Park Assam
  3. Manipur- How about going to a floating park? Yes, you heard it right. The only floating park in the world is in Manipur. Rich in culture and heritage, known for handicrafts and handloom, this beautiful state of NE India is also the home of some of the famous sports person of India.
  4. Mizoram- Mizoram sharing the borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar is a state of India which is yet to be explored properly. With beautiful green mountains, forest, lakes, a thrilling wildlife, clean villages and the pleasant environment Mizoram is a must when it comes to the places to visit in NE India.
  5. Meghalaya- Imagine you are amidst the clouds, the cold breeze touching your cheeks and your soul flying in the greeneries- yes, that’s Meghalaya, the Scotland of the east. The living root bridge, the wettest place on earth Mawsynram, Shillong, Cherapunji, hundreds of water falls in and around the state, natural caves, green hills- what reasons you need to visit this heaven on earth!

    the Scotland of the east Meghalaya
    Meghalaya- amidst the dancing clouds!
  6. Tripura- Tripura is a combination of hills and plains. Majorly the tribal people and Bengalis live there in harmony. Places to visit in Tripura include- Ujjayanta palace, Chittagong hills, Tripura Sundari temple etc.
  7. Nagaland- The origin of famous Bhoot Jolokiya or the Naga Mircha- one of the many reasons for what northeast India known for. Recently Nagaland has been attracting tourist to the beautiful Dzuko valley located at the borders of Nagaland and Manipur and people in large numbers visiting the place to have a great hill tracking experience.

Northeast India cuisine

A travel blog without mentioning local cuisine- not possible! NE Indian food is unique, super healthy, full of nutrition and includes very interesting cooking techniques. Whether it’s Masor Tenga of Assam, Eromba from Manipur, Jadoh of Meghalaya, Pika Pila from Arunachal, Axone from Nagaland- northeast Indian cuisine has everything to amaze you. Northeast Indian people love rice and combine various dishes with it. Northeast India grows a good number of bamboo varieties every year. That could be a probable reason that they include bamboo too in their dishes. The fermented bamboo shoot called Khorisa is quite popular there.

Okay! So now can you tell me a reason why not to visit this wonderful land?

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