Most Effective On Page And Off Page SEO Techniques

First of all there is nothing fixed about a particular on page or off page SEO technique to the most effective one or the best one. It keeps on changing according to the rules and regulations, algorithms set by Google. But few techniques are such that never goes out of trend and have high percentage of success result. In this blog, we are going to elaborate about some of those best SEO techniques.

We go to the supermarket and see multiple brands selling the same product. But we pick up the ones that we like most, is of good quality, in budget or the ones that attracts us most. We pay for it. Similarly Google or any search engine is also the supermarket of thousands of websites where contents are presented in different ways. But just like us Google too selects the ones and rank them which fulfill the algorithm and other required parameters. Search engine optimization, SEO helps the websites to fulfill the required needs for high ranking in search engine result page, SERP or the standards set by the search engine.

What is SEO?

SEO in simple terms means optimization of website to increase visibility for related search. Search engines like Google and Bing rank websites in SERP based on different criteria. For a website to rank high in search engine it needs to fulfill those criteria and SEO helps in that. Higher the rank in SERP, more likely to get visitors in the website, hence more people to know about your content. SEO is therefore a very important technique in digital marketing.

There are mainly two types of SEO-

  1. On page SEO

On page SEO refers to optimization of content that is inside the page. On page SEO techniques are performed within the website so that the search engine can crawl the site easily and hence can rank it high. Some most popular and best on page SEO techniques are-

* Content is the key- The most important thing in on page SEO is content. Your content have to be of high quality, should have proper keywords and topic related information. One of the main factors of high quality content is keywords. Proper use of keywords at proper place is very important. Moreover you should also check on grammatical mistakes, sentence formation, paragraphs etc.

* Optimize title and meta description- Search engine as well as visitors first read the title and meta description and makes an idea about the content on the page. So it is important that the title is well formed and meta description acts as a summary of the content. Try to put keywords in both title and meta description. Ideal length for title is 50-60 characters and meta description is 155-160 characters as set by Google.

* H1 tag- There should be preferably one H1 tag in a page and h2, h3 tags for subheadings. Also it should go on a serial form, for instance first H1 and then h2, h3, h4 and so on.

* Image optimization- the ‘alt’ attribute describes the image. Give the images short descriptive file names, Its better to give caption below each image describing what the image is about.

* Don’t forget about the url- For making an url SEO friendly, there are certain criteria that needs to be taken care of. For instance, an ideal url should be less than 255 characters. The words in the ‘slug’ (part after domain in the url) should be separated by hyphens (-). Using of special characters like (:, /, . etc.) are not preferred.

  1. Off page SEO

As the name tells, off page SEO is the technique that is performed outside the website to increase the visibility of the site and to attract more visitors to visit the site. Some of the best of page SEO techniques are-

* Social media- This is one of the most powerful techniques of recent times. Brand mention in different online platforms is a must if you want to get attention of people towards your site. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. are used abundantly by people now-a-days.

* Commenting- Commenting in blogs with a link to your blog is a good way of getting backlinks but you should be careful with the content of the blog because irrelevant comments are of no use now.

* Forums- There are forums that are relevant to the content of your site. You can participate in the forum discussions and make a good online reputation.

*Guest posting- This is an effective and one of the most authentic ways of creating backlinks and making a strong profile. You can find out guest posting sites that accepts guest author’s write ups and approach them. If everything goes well, you can post your content in their websites.

* List your site- This is mostly required if you have a business website. Listing your site in Google my business, Foursquare, yelp etc. improves the visibility of site and especially useful in case of local SEO.

Hope these basic yet powerful off page and on page SEO techniques help you in choosing the right strategy for your site. Happy SEOing!

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