eCommerce SEO: How To Write Meta Descriptions That Make Shoppers Click

Have you worked hard to get the best SEO result for your eCommerce website? You may have written product descriptions, compressed your images, and added other SEO elements. Still, you have not found the desired outcome from your SEO campaign. The potential reason behind it is that you have overlooked meta descriptions for your eCommerce platform.

Some of us think that it is easy to write meta descriptions for an e-store. However, it is challenging to create the short content for meta descriptions. Without proper meta descriptions, you cannot find clicks on your website URLs

Meta description- Definition and length

It refers to the meta tag, and its length can range from 155 to 160 characters. Moreover, it is the summary of your webpage content. The search engines display meta descriptions in the organic search result, and you have to include keywords in this description. Meta descriptions may not affect your ranking. However, it has potential to attract users to click on a page. That is why you have to focus on meta description for your eCommerce SEO campaign. It is important to write this content properly to allure search engine users to click on your link.

Brainvire is a reputed eCommerce SEO company with qualified professionals for writing the best meta description. announced some ways of composing meta descriptions for digital stores.

How to write meta description for your eCommerce home page

You may check out your competitors’ meta descriptions to learn the best technique to write the short content. The length must be maintained, and you have to write a precise description of your website. Your content needs to add curiosity to the readers, and finally, they will click on your website URL. A punchy description should tell the readers why they have to visit your website.

Product pages- Composing the relevant meta description

It may be slightly easier to write the description for product pages. This content must not talk about the overall business. You need to reveal the benefits obtained from your product pages. For instance, when you sell induction ovens, you have to write how they help in cooking foods fast. Some of us like to capitalize the meta description. However, it is better to avoid this step, as it cannot attract attention. Write the content in a way that it draws the readers’ focus.


Choose words that differentiate your products from others. You may highlight the durability and add your site’s name. Let the reader visualize your product before they click on your link. It is safe to write a meaningful sentence to create the eCommerce SEO meta description. Still, you can find a high CTR by writing the half-sentence.

Others tips for writing meta descriptions

Reveal your eCommerce brand personality

Make your eCommerce website’s meta description interesting, enthralling, and unique. Your potential customers make the first interaction with your business by reading this precise content. Try to use quotes and choose other innovative ways to reveal the brand personality.

Creativity is more important than the number of characters

In 2018, Google reduced the character count from 320 to 150. Thus, it may amend the rule about character length at any time. Although there is a limit, you have a chance of playing with characters. The best trick for you is to create and persuade the reader to read more by clicking on a link.

Add the most captivating CTA

It is not easy to add a CTA to a small description of 155 characters. Do not try to include more than one CTA in the content, as it will become a spam. Readers will lose their trust. Be creative to write the CTA copy.

Is it the time to write the eCommerce website’s meta description?

Most of us do not like to delay in writing this important piece of content. However, there is good news for you.
Google creates meta descriptions automatically by deriving content from your webpages. That is why the overall process becomes easily manageable to the copywriter. Google creates meta descriptions automatically by deriving content from your webpages. That is why the overall process becomes easily manageable to the copywriter. A big eCommerce platform may have several pages. It may not be easy to rank every page for a particular keyword. Thus, you need to focus on webpages, which receive a high level of organic traffic. Find the top 10 pages of your site and write their meta description.

Meta description is a short content with a few characters. Still, you must take time to write it for your eCommerce pages. You can write it and edit it repeatedly to bring perfection. Professional marketers know the right way of formulating the best description. Although meta descriptions do not affect your website’s rank. The most effective content will increase the click-through-rate, and you will find more traffic to your eCommerce store. Thus, start an SEO campaign for your digital store and write meta descriptions.

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