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This just in– I make Ghandi look like a child pornographer: The story of charity, compassion, and a guy’s wife “switching teams”

It was Sunday Funday, the week before the Super Bowl, and I was in DC’s Chinatown, vigorously tipping back Tsingtao’s in honor of the Chinese New Year.  Some friends and I were signed up to participate in a scavenger hunt where we had to run around collecting various items/taking pictures of ourselves/visiting local watering holes to complete the challenge.  Upon completion, your name would be entered in a raffle to win various prizes and tickets to events around the DC area.  Prizes included: Gift cards to bars, tickets to plays, sporting events, and concerts.  I happened to be the lucky guy who won 2 tickets to see Rise Against on Sunday Feb. 5th at 7pm (i.e. the exact time of the Super Bowl).

Being the keen capitalist I am (and not being that in to angsty rock music), I decided to throw the tickets on Craigslist to try and line my pockets with a little extra greenery.  $25 a pop was below face ticket value so I wasn’t trying to price gauge the person who would be buying the tickets.  I also included a little tid bit on the ad saying “$25 each OR write me an essay (500 words of less) explaining to me why you deserve the tickets more than anyone else.

I had 5 responses from willing buyers.  Clearly $25 per ticket was a steal!  But then, out of the blue, about 28 hours after posting the ad and I was in the process of lining up a meeting place with a buyer, one gentleman wrote me this essay:


I have a 14 year old son who I have very little in common with since he hit his teen years, except music. Whenever I can I take him to concerts. We’ve driven to Rock-A-Thon in Syracuse the last two years and seen Avenged Sevenfold, STP, Bush, Hollywood Undead, Seether, etc. Last year I had to drive him to Cleveland to see Rise Against and Bad Religion because I was on work travel when they played in town.

He won’t do homework for me, never wants to have “father-son” chats, and has never forgiven his mother and I for our 6-month marital separation 4 years ago (she “switched teams” which was cool at first, but then went overboard). I just want to take him to the show for another rare bonding moment that might get me some positive mentions when he pours his heart out to his therapist in 10 years about what terrible parents we were.

But I suppose  the tickets are gone huh?  Let me know.

I can’t really empathize with the man because I’m not a father, but I’ve seen enough television to know this is a serious situation.  The fact that the man has a tough relationship with his kid and then tossed in the fact that his wife “switched teams on him” and “it was cool at first, but then went overboard” made my decision quite easy– this man was getting the tickets.  We promptly set up a time to meet and I met him and his son and gave them the tickets.  It was a nice moment and I felt like I was making this guy and his kid’s entire weekend.

The moral of the story is, giving really feels better than receiving.  Is this extremely cliche? Yes.  However, is it true? You’re goddamn right.  Do I make Ghandi look like a child pornographer?  Probably not. I really just wanted to toot my own horn while making you laugh and want to read this post with a funny title.  Go do something nice for someone.

Scavenger Hunt pictures after the jump:

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Underused dating resource – Craigslist Missed Connections (MC)

Hidden in the left hand column of your local craigslist, just below Craigslist Factsheet lies one of “The Best Things Ever” : Craigslist Missed Connections (MC). For the uninitiated, MC is a place where star crossed lovers come to meet.  Don’t confuse this with chasing craigslist cougars in the casual encounters section…thats a whole nother bag of worms/cause for unpleasant antibiotics.  Missed Connections is for people pretending to have class and hoping to give the fates an encouraging pat on the ass…firm enough so that fate knows you mean business, but gentle enough no one gets hurt…you know the one I’m talking about.

Maybe that 10 in the thank-God-its-summer skirt (btw, i’m so pumped those are in this season) was giving you the eye while you walked your dog. Or perhaps you want to tell the “indoor kid” who sits in the cubicle across the hall that you find his lack of social skills and accidentally hip coke-bottle eyeglasses  strangely arousing. MC is the place to go.

Yours truly has twice had success with MC. Once, while sitting at a stoplight I noticed a beautiful young lady in the car next to me playing Neil f*ing Young’s Harvest Moon on the ukulele in the driver seat…immediate hippy/hipster boner. We briefly discussed the finer points of Sir Young’s catalog before the light changed and we went our separate ways, never to see each other again…if not for MC. I happen to have that special blend of ingenuity and desperation that drives one to MC. I posted something undoubtedly witty and self deprecating (I’m the man where I’m from).  Needless to say, she found the post, was equally interested in meeting again, and we met for drinks. I’m sorry to say there was no fairytale ending. We went on a few dates and had a good time. But at some point she realized that the special blend I spoke of was more desperation than ingenuity.

My second successful adventure with MC had less to do with a chance encounter and more to do with my undescended testicles. I met a lovely lady at a bar one night…but I’ve never been big on asking random girls  for their number (translation: I’m terrified of rejection). We chatted a few times over the course of the night, and I left without ever getting the digits. I lay in bed that night, as disappointed as ever with the little acorn-on- a-bed-of-moss that I call my manhood. Then suddenly I remembered MC. Long story short, we dated for a while until I accidentally left her a six minute voicemail in which I can be overheard explaining to my mother why the relationship was going nowhere. I rule.

The moral of the story boys and girls is that Craigslist  Missed Connections is a fantastic website. It can get awkward halfwits like myself dates with lovely women, but it can’t prevent you from being a huge douchebag. For all you doubters: sitting on the sidelines of MC can be just as fun as participating. I encourage you to check your local listings and enjoy reading about hapless singles trying to turn that brief moment of magic with the tastefully tattooed cheese expert at Trader Joe’s into a bloop single (true story).

Oh, and occasionally you will come across some hilariously brilliant writing: