Worst Stuff Ever: The Decline of South Park

I hope I’m not the only one who has noticed or who cares that South Park has been entirely unsatisfying for about the last year (the last spectacular episode in my mind having been the “Its a Jersey Thing” spoof of Jersey Shore). Now I have a couple ideas as to why this might be and they may all coexist to create the perfect storm of self satisfaction, I mean sub par imagination(land) and content: 1) The wildly successful Book of Mormon has stolen time, creativity and energy from the creators leaving only the scraps for their bread and butter, thus creating hope that as the hype around their Broadway show eases their cable show’s quality will subsequently  increase. 2) The Simpsons are no longer competition. You may say, “but wait there’s always Family Guy”, but that’s not really competition for these guys at this point either as that too has been declining for some time. 3) Paralleling this season’s lackluster episode “You’re Getting Old”, maybe I’m the one getting old and like funneling screwdrivers and drawing swastikas on friend’s linoleum floors, I’ve simply grown out of the show and/or its style of humor. 4) They’ve lost sight of their recipe for success, that is thought provoking social commentary coupled with humor and a willingness to push the edge with nearly every episode.

Whatever the reason behind the decline here’s to hoping they get their act together by next season. After all between South Park, Seinfeld and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia virtually every social situation I run into has some point of reference. Cancelling the show would mean losing 1/3 of  my social commentary jumping off points and without that I might have to become more original and who has the energy for that anymore?



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  1. swanznugget says:

    Honestly.. hate to admit it, but I agree. It’s still watchable and funny to me, but I think the peak of the show came even farther back, a few seasons ago (or maybe I’m just getting old too). There was a really great and long run where they evolved out of just relying on the shock humor that got them noticed, but before each episode that said something (which is great, don’t get me wrong) seemed to rely on almost a formula for each concept and episode.

    But I don’t want to be too harsh on them either. Even despite all that, it’s still one of the more watchable shows on TV after hundreds of episodes, and episodes within the last year like the Shakeweight one are still pretty flucking funny anyway.

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