The Ass Compliment

Honesty. The truth. I feel like these two desirable character traits have gone by the wayside in this day and age. Our friends, family, and other loved ones want us to be completely open and honest with them. But to what end? Do you want to hear the cold hard truth? Do you really?

When it comes to your ass, you should hear the truth. Mind you, I’m not saying you should tell someone with a bad ass that she (or he, I guess) has a nice ass when it looks like a pancake or top round. I’m just saying that if there is a nice ass in front of you, pay it a compliment.

Now, this may not be good advice to implement while walking around the office but we should NOT be holding back our true feelings about a nice ass. Girls, weigh in here: do you not like hearing you have a fantastic ass? If someone told me I did (which I don’t ) I’d for sure feel flattered…as long as they were telling the truth, of course. Asses comes in many shapes and sizes. There is not one ass out there that fits the bill for perfect ass, though I’m sure we could have a lengthy argument to the merits of that. Perhaps our friends at MIMP could offer some suggestions to the contrary as well. While the good looking ass runs from a small, little butt to a massively wide and bubbly butt, the wearers of said butt deserve not only our attention but our kind words. Whats the worst that could happen? A sexual harassment lawsuit? Probably. but… BUTT, I think the ladies have a right to know. You girls have some weird 6th sense that picks up on when we are staring at your ass so you already know it, why not let us tell you?

Lets break down the barriers that have held us in place for our entire existence. Let the ass complimenting begin. Don’t be ashamed to recognize a nice as and tell that ass wearer that it looks fantastic and you’d like to squeeze it. Please don’t squeeze until the offer is presented, only look at it wantingly and maybe point as you tell that unsuspecting person (whose day will surely be better after you tell them) that their ass has made your day that much better. The only consequence of your action may be a brisk slap to the face or perhaps a new title from your friends or colleagues. That title, ladies and gentleman, is ASSMAN. I don’t know about you but I know an ASSMAN when I see one.

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2 Comments on "The Ass Compliment"

  1. tuna says:

    he stopped short?! that’s my move!

  2. dangermike says:

    Great article. I hope your intention was to get a slew of TBSE reader-ass-shots. Because if you get them, i want a little piece of that action, oh ya.


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