Blueberry Pie the Easy Way.


I’ll admit- I usually don’t have much in the ways of plans when it comes to my food posts. Sometimes I just make something cool, see its potential, fix its mistakes and try to make it look pretty for the camera. Thankfully, I have succeeded a few times but Lord knows I’ve came up short. And by Lord I mean the Lord. Not Kilian. Even though he does share his opinions on the reg.

All in all, this is a pretty good recipe idea. It’s pretty quick, relatively easy, and looks impressive for company. Being in culinary school and not baking or pastry school, I don’t pay a ton of mind to the sweeter side of cooking very often. The work is usually too dainty for my bear paws. However, when it comes to this recipe, I think I did an alright job. Just don’t tell anyone that I took a Spanokopita recipe/application and put blueberry filling in instead. It would make me look a lot less creative.

First, let’s make the filling. You’ll need a pack of blueberries, half a cup of sugar (minus a tablespoon or two for sprinkling, which I’ll explain in a second), a tablespoon of corn starch, a few dashes of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of both lemon juice and vanilla. Now this is all easier if you have a food processor. I don’t so I used a Magic Bullet. Not exactly it’s intended use but it almost did the trick. You want to pulse the mixture until it’s chunky but liquidy. Now it will be soupy so put it on the stove a minute and get it bubbling while stirring continuously. You’re letting the cornstarch thicken it and you are also boiling a little moisture out too. Both will help your pie not be runny and gross. Once your filling is at a good thickness (You know what pie filling should look like) put it in a bowl and into the fridge to cool. Once it’s cold, it’s time to assemble your pies.

Phyllo dough is awful. Just a horrible thing to work with. It’s fragile and usually isn’t packaged well so it’s dry and even harder to use. However, when cooked just right it’s light and super flakey. Not to mention it’s caked in butter so thats always good for flavor. I find putting a damp (but not wet) sheet of paper towel in with the pies makes them a little easier. But not much.

Take a sheet of phyllo, break it, replace it, and repeat for like 5 more times. After you get one that chooses to work with you, fold it in half to make a rectangle. Put a little filling on one end and start to fold like a flag or a paper football. Do not use too much or too little filling. Too much and the dough won’t close and you’ll have a dirty blueberry mess. Too little and all you have is phyllo. As you fold the pies, brush pretty much everywhere you see with butter. I also like to sprinkle sugar all down the dough to glue it together as well. Bake at 350 for 8 minutes on one side and then like 5 on the other or under it’s all golden brown. Wait until it’s not molten and eat with vanilla ice cream



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