Underwear to sleep in (or do whatever in)

My Mom deserves major credit for this post.  Last night I couldn’t think of anything to talk about- brain dead from the weekend.  Our conversation was as follows:

Me: “Mom, what is the best thing ever?”

Mom: “Oh, definitely those underwear we bought a few weeks ago to sleep in.”

Me: “I’m not doing a post about our full butted, nothing sexy about em, underwear.”

Mom: “Underwear has been around forever, people definitely still buy them all the time…Plus, everyone wants to sleep with Grandma!”

Oh. Em. Gee. I don’t know about that last part, but I do know that people still wear underwear, and I also am pretty confident that my Mom and I found the comfiest kind for sleeping in- the Jockey staycool Bikini (comes in a pack of 3). I don’t know why we went with the staycool style- maybe because it’s Summer and it’s been hotter than Hades over here in DC? I’m not going to explain myself, because they are the best thing ever!

Oh, hey Grandma!

These bad boys leave it alllll to the imagination. Nothing cute about them, which I think is kind of nice- totally old school!  They are underwear, not “panties.” I hate the word panties- it makes me cringe.  Whenever you walk into Victoria’s Secret they immediately ask you, “Have you seen our new panty line?” I reply with, “No, I don’t need any UNDERWEAR right now, but thank you!” ICK.  Anyways, why are they the best? They stay in place all night, they are comfortable, breathable, affordable and most importantly don’t ride up your butt when you switch sides. I bought 3, and I want to buy more because I want enough to be able to wear a pair every night of the week without having to do a load of laundry.

They do make these in solid colors and other patterns, so you don’t have to stick with plain old white.  I kind of like the white-it matches with everything. Not that I care about matching while I’m sleeping…  Then they have the “Hi Cut” style if you want to go that route.  My Mom claims that these ones are great because they “Don’t give you muffin top!”  The normal ones above don’t give me muffin top, and won’t give you it either if you buy the right size, obviously.  I must say though that those Victoria’s Secret string bikini’s are terrible! You wash them a couple times and then all of the sudden the bikini string part is digging into your hip all day long. Not comfortable for the day, and most certainly not for the night time…Mom might be on to something with these Jockey Hi Cut’s.

Buy these in the lingerie section of any major department store.  My Mom also says she has found them at Filene’s Basement on sale.  She’s a Jockey Veteran!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

Princess Superstar

4 Comments on "Underwear to sleep in (or do whatever in)"

  1. tuna says:

    these are my fave too!

  2. robthewelterweight says:

    I’ve noticed that most women hate the word “panties.” I’ve also noticed that they hate the word “moist.” Which is worst: “moist,” “panties” or “moist panties?”

    • Princess Superstar says:

      Haha! The term “moist panties” makes me want to cry…But if I had to do away with one of the two words, I would keep moist over panties. 100%.

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