Best Food Quick Hitters

Best bread for your sandwich- Potato. It has a great texture and flavor and it’s much heartier than regular white Wonderbread. I am not including delicious artisan breads in this discussion because they would win every time. If you can find me a real, long-fermented sourdough bread, well nothing could beat that. But when it comes to commercial breads, I go Potato when I can.

Best snack you might not have thought of- Eggo Pizza. I came up with this idea one day and it was amazing.
1. half-toast your Eggo.
2. put the sauce and cheese on it.
3. put in the oven at like 400.
4. this is my secret step, when it melts, pop the broiler on to crisp/burn the cheese on top-

5 minute mini pizza!

Best Sandwich topping- Pepperoncinis. For the first 18 years of my life I refused to eat anything spicy. I was, to put it lightly, a little bitch. However, what started with Texas Pete in my Collard Greens has turned into me putting several entire Pepperoncinis on every sandwich I make. I don’t recommend you start there as pickled items can take over the flavor of your sandwich, but it is very good. I would even venture to say they are better than pickles.

Best way to improve a lot of your dishes- Add an egg. This might be my least healthy tip I have given you guys but I stand by the flavor. It was a drunk-as-shit night after the bar in good ole Elon, NC when I was hungry as Kirstie Alley and I decided on Pasta. As my drunk cooking adventures go, it got a little hairy. — I never seem to have the ingredients I think I do when I’m drunk — So I was putting the last of my 2 ounces of tomato sauce into the pasta and it was just a little dry. So I decided to crack an egg in and mix it around. It was much more savory and delicious than I expected and I was sold. I’ll put hard boiled eggs on any salad I make and I like a fried egg on pretty much any sandwich I make (I could talk about my sandwich creations for weeks of TBSE posts as sandwiches are clearly my favorite type of food- I had one for lunch and dinner yesterday and I’ll probably do the same tomorrow).

Best Cheese- Boursin. It’s not even a close race. Go-to light dinner: (Spring salad)
1. 50/50 mix of Baby Spinach and Spring Mix
2. Walnuts
3. Hard Boiled Eggs (I just do the whites to keep it lighter)
4. Grape Tomatos
5. Red Onion
6. Granny Smith Slices
7. Vinaigrette of your choice- I like a Raspberry-Walnut
8. Boursin cheese and more of it- Sure, this kills the nutrition but it makes my tongue get a boner.

There you go. Thats like 5 free tips. I especially stand by the Eggo Pizzas.

I have ample time for rhymes.

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