The Best is yet to Come.

As you may have noticed, I have upped the quality of my food posts with nicer and higher res pictures and I’m also trying to improve the recipes as well. Well, it’s only going to get better and I am going to do video tutorials here and there. Now I can’t promise that they are going to get good any time soon because I get rattled like a mother fucker on camera but I’ll try to do it for you assholes. Also- I am going to be starting a new food blog called, “Kilian has something bad to say about my food”. It’s going to be comprised entirely of shit that Kilian doesn’t like so I can get his honest opinion as to why my food sucks. I’m really excited about it and you should be too. Lastly- if there’s something you want to know how to do or want me to make or something, just comment it. I have a billion good chefs at my fingertips and they will instruct me and I will pay it forward. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys actually make some of this shit at home.


And here’s my first video. My girlfriend was the videographer and she assured me that everyone’s first video sucks. Thanks baby!!

I have ample time for rhymes.

2 Comments on "The Best is yet to Come."

  1. dgleese says:

    Safe to say this is NOT a vegetarian friendly post! Sorry veggies.

  2. Kilian says:

    Haha – nothing negative today. The pre-cut the skin suggestion is smart. I will definitely do that next time.

    Also, very much agree with making sure not to forget to cut out the “oysters”. I always eat them in the kitchen as a chef’s treat before serving a roast chicken.

    As far as future videos go, I’d like to see how to de-bone the chicken/any other bird. I have a couple cornish game hens in the freezer that I’d like to cook and thought they may be better boneless.

    Keep this coming!

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