Best Gazpacho

One of my favorite food blogs: Lottie+Doof.
The main man behind this genius used to (maybe still does) work for DePaul, so I feel like I know him in some proximity (I don’t). The blog is beautiful, the recipes personal, and the result- magnificent. This is the first time I have attempted to recreate the magic and I would have to say it was a great success.

My boyfrand turned 22 on Monday and I made him dinner. Farmer’s market Rib-Eye, fingerling potatoes, and gazpacho. I think this meal ensured that I will be cooking on his 23rd.

Here is what I made:






You have to pick the best possible ingredients to ensure that this tastes amazing. I love yellow and orange tomatoes and although they make the final product a less vibrant red, it tasted delicious.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have sherry vinegar so I used white wine but to my surprise it worked exactly the same, adding a little salt and bite to the soup.

Lottie+Doof does such a great job explaining how to recreate a recipe that I followed it word for word and it turned out just as I expected. If you are looking for a simple, summer dish that will impress all the ladies and gents in your life I suggest taking a stab at this gazpacho.

I have also been called the Queen of Sunshine and my laugh breaks the sound barrier. My life is soundtracked to Van Morrison and I appreciate a dip in the Gulf of Mexico, a man that can dance, and a night that begins (and ends) with Champagne.

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  1. dgleese says:

    I fucking LOVE gazpacho!

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