A little Breakfast for you to make this weekend.


I love breakfast foods- sometimes I eat breakfast three times a day (especially if I don’t want to go shopping). And I wanted to try this baked eggs idea- it didn’t come out exceptional but it was worth trying.

Roasted Tomatoes and Eggs-

You need-

Tomatoes- big enough to fit an egg in

1 Poblano pepper


Chives and Cilantro

1 slice of Jack cheese

The idea here was to basically poach the egg in the tomato. I’m not going to lie to you, it didn’t work especially well but I have ways to make it work well. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted delicious but the appearance was more “this is your brain on drugs” than “this is your brain”.

First you have to make a pesto type sauce. The recipe I saw was actually for regular pesto but I like peppers so I did that. I roasted a Poblano pepper, and minced it up with some chives and cilantro and a little Parm. I then slowly whisked in a very small amount of olive oil and that was all I did for the pesto. I cored the tomatoes, rubbed in the pesto, dropped the egg in, topped with the rest of the Pesto and a half slice of jack cheese I had.

beginning of the end right here.


I made a couple terrible mistakes with this dish and I can help you not fuck yours up.

1. I just put them on the pan like above. Find a pan or pot you can put in the oven that can hold the tomatoes snuggly. If they aren’t kept together, they will fall apart (sounds like Lost: live together, die alone mixed with Harry Potter: One can’t live while the other survives…whatever)

2. If you are using a regular oven and not a convection oven, it’s going to be hard. I didn’t have a convection oven and it fucked me up too. The eggs cooked at different times because the heat is inconsistent in your home oven.

3. Water or liquid build up- didn’t know what it was but I knew I didn’t like it.

But wait- I have solutions

1. Contain them in the pan

2. Roast the tomatoes, pesto separately, top with cheese and finish. Once that’s done, poach the eggs and drop them in, boom genius.

3. while roasting, poke a hole in the bottom- you couldn’t do this if you had the eggs in there because they would seep out. But if you are poaching separately then you’re fine.


Mine looks like shit- yours don't have to! Heed my warnings!!!


When I saw that my Roasted Tomatoes and Eggs were going to be shit I started making a back up plan on the spot. I had some fruit lying around so I made my Yogurt with honey, granola and fruit thing. I know I talked about it in the VERY beginning of this site so I won’t go into too much detail but I thought I’d show you some pics of how it’s supposed to look.


I turned that into this:

And yes, this picture is taken outside because what's better than breakfast outside?

So there you have it. Even I (the master of French Fries) have failures. But not total failures- shit tasted great it just looked ugly. Much like Kilian, I’m sure.

I have ample time for rhymes.

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  1. Kilian says:

    I’ll let your insult slide because I’m an Adonis, but maybe cooking the tomatoes in individual ramekins would solve the problem

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