Reader Email – “Suck it, Dangermike”

So one of our more loyal readers got into an argument about how to cook french fries on the “moules frites” post from a couple days ago.
Here’s what he sent me……..

“Tell Mike he can suck it.”

Room temp oil


Heating up now


Crispy, deliciousness



5 Comments on "Reader Email – “Suck it, Dangermike”"

  1. swanznugget says:

    I smell TBSE Iron Chef. Or at least a french fry dick-waving contest.

  2. dangermike says:

    Ok- that fry doesn’t look nearly as delicious as mine. That’s just the first problem and the second problem is that your way sucks. It is a waste of time. There’s a million ways to skin a cat, you just took the long and wronger way to do it. My way is the way it’s done in 100% of restaurants around the country. Nay, World! McDonalds? Does it my way. Chik Fil-A? My way. You don’t mess with perfection. You think Leonardo DiVinci looked at the Mona Lisa after he was finished and was like- “Hmm, well she COULD smile more.” No. Fucking. Way. I’m the VCR, you’re the Beta Max. I’m Dorothy in her tornado house and you’re The Wicked Witch under it. My shit is bacon- yours is bacon bits. My fries look like Kate Upton’s boobies and yours looks like Nick Mangold’s sister.

    To sum this up- I hope you enjoyed your hour long fries. I made mine in 30 minutes and they finished with my Mussels in like 5 so I could eat them in the, still-hot, Mussel broth. Can’t argue with taste. Also yours looks brown and dirty (to be honest I confused them with sweet potato fries at first). Mine are golden brown- the only color a fry should be.

    There may be no wrong way to eat a Reeses. But there’s only one right way to cook fries.

    • Kilian says:

      hahaha, look it was my first time making them that way and I let them cook too long. Hence the over-browning. It only took 30 minutes start to finish, so frankly the time thing is no different. The only real difference I can tell is the lack of ability to cook them in batches, which is why restaurants do it the way they do it.

      No one is doubting that you know how to cook, but keep your mind open to new techniques too.

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