Airport Security Lines – DCA – Ronald Reagan National Airport

I realize going into this post that, as the popularity of TBSE grows, everyone could catch on to the tip I’m about to give. However, I am here to help and please humanity. So here it goes, humanity.

Best Airport Security Lines EVER: DCA – Ronald Reagan National Airport

Now, I could be biased here since I can go door to plane in under 30 minutes but I have to tell you, there is no other place that I have moved through security so freely. Not to mention the pleasant experiences I’ve had with TSA and the process in general. Why should you trust me, you ask? Do I travel a lot, you ask? Yes I do and that makes me the damned expert on the matter, okay! Not really but I’m pretty sure any person you talk to can tell you of the joy and ease it is to move through security at Reagan. Take, for instance, my last go of the security lines at Reagan. It was a random weeknight and I approached, ready to roll through. I ran into a blip with my mobile boarding pass which caused me to return to the American Airlines counter to get an archaic, paper boarding pass. The time it took to find out the mobile pass didn’t work, to printing my new boarding pass, to getting to my gate – 10 minutes! Yes, folks, 10 minutes. Peak hours? Very similar. It appears that most people traveling for vacation or holidays choose the other main D.C. airports. During holiday season, I arrive an hour before my flight and have way too much time before I board. That being said, I implore you to tell me another major airport with quicker, more friendly, and professional security lines than Reagan National Airport.

Best Airport Security Lines EVER – Runner Up: Lubbock Airport

I’m not even going to look up the airport code because that would be acting like Lubbock Airport is a bigger deal than it is. Look at it! Its tiny. Don’t get me wrong, in this case, smaller is better. Lubbock has like, I want to say 8, gates…if that. Reagan is the best security line because of the sheer volume of traffic they do. Lubbock, while I assume faster than Reagan, does probably 90% less daily flights. That said, I just wanted to give Lubbock its due diligence. Also, if you are in Lubbock, Buddy Holly’s museum and grave-site are pretty cool tourist destinations. More to come on Lubbock in future posts.

So there you have it folks, Reagan National Airport winner of TBSE Best Airport Security Line Ever. If you haven’t traveled through Reagan, do yourself a favor and fly in.

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